Our Partners

We have brought together a broad set of partners to fulfil all our clients’ needs. LendFusion® partners with the leading companies in several fields in order to provide the best user experience and the most robust, flexible ad reliable technology solutions possible.

CallCredit Visit website

As experts in UK and international consumer information management and direct marketing, understanding you and your business is at the heart of our approach. By bringing together cutting edge technology and industry expertise, we can provide the in-depth insight that delivers the best return on your investment. Better insight means better, more responsible decisions, accurate deployment and stronger engagement with your customers, leaving you head and shoulders above the competition.

LendProtect Visit website

The Atlanta-based company utilises an internal team of predictive analytics experts and statisticians combined with a deep, proprietary database of underbanked consumer loan performance and best-in-class third-party data sources. As a result, providers of short-term or installment loans, credit and pre-paid cards, automotive loans, retailers, wireless services and collection agencies have an unparalleled view of the underbanked community. This unique data, along with LendProtect’s data modeling and analytics, serves lenders throughout the US, UK and Canada in one of the largest and fastest growing consumer segments, the underbanked.

Allies Computing Visit website

Allies is a leading UK supplier of address data quality solutions. Since 1987, we have helped thousands of businesses worldwide to improve the quality of their data. Our key activities include the provision of web services, APIs, software, raw data and managed data audit services. We sell our products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises, large organisations, charities and the public sector. We also host a partner programme to allow organisations to resell our solutions within their own products. 

PacNet Services Visit website

For over 19 years, PacNet Services has served the international payment processing needs of not only large blue-chip companies, but small and medium sized businesses as well. Today, PacNet Services Ltd. is recognized as a leading payment processing services provider amongst organizations that use direct mail, e-commerce, telephone, print ads, or DRTV to sell goods and services or to solicit charitable contributions from donors around the world.

CashFlows Visit website

CashFlows consolidates a large range of financial services and innovative payment solutions into a single, transparent account. It enables businesses to fully integrate and simplify their financial processes, and we reward our account holders through fair transactional charges. The CashFlows Account directly supports today's businesses with next generation, end-to-end financial services.

txtNation Visit website

txtNation is an award-winning provider of mobile billing and SMS messaging services of which includes mobile campaign and management solutions. We provide B2B mobile billing options and make clients marketing communications more effective through mobile messaging, worldwide.

miiCard Visit website

miiCard (My Internet Identity) is dedicated to creating trust online through verified identities, unlocking the true potential of the Internet so that people and businesses can meet and transact easily with confidence and in safety. Using the DirectID service lenders can verify customer identities, financial transaction data and personal information like age and address purely online and in real-time. Available through the LendFusion platform, DirectID helps lenders increase conversion rates, reduce fraud, remove offline checks and meet AML and KYC compliance in a single solution.

Big Data Scoring Visit website

Big Data Scoring is an essential tool for use by banks and other lenders to determine the creditworthiness of individuals based on data secured online. When signing up to the services, Big Data Scoring provides you up to 50 additional valuable data points for each potential borrower. This results in more accepted loans and improved credit quality.

Realex Payments Visit website

Realex Payments is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing online payment gateways, providing a range of payment processing services for businesses selling online and processing payments valued in excess of €24Bn per annum on behalf of 12,500 retailers throughout Europe.

Hyve Managed Hosting Visit website

Established in 1999, we provide a wide range of VMware hosting services including private, hybrid and public cloud hosting. All of our solutions are mission critical. We focus on providing only high-end cloud hosting using enterprise-grade networking, hardware and software. We offer hosting solutions to a variety of clients from small businesses to large corporations. We guarantee reliability, scalability, security and performance. We take pride in delivering each solution, tailor-made to our clients' requirements. All solutions are backed by our superior customer service and 'extra mile' support culture. Our clients include Nokia, Tesco and British Airways. We are PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certified.