Jürgen Käsper resigns as CEO of Lendfusion

Posted on the 31th of January, 2019

CEO of Lendfusion Jürgen Käsper, who has successfully launched the Lendfusion software in

five years, is leaving CEO position. The new head of Lendfusion will be announced in spring

2019, so far this role will be performed by the member of board Magnus Igasta. Magnus has

a very strong background in software development as he has been a CEO of a software

company called Web Expert for nearly 20 years.

Käsper added, "It is a good time to end my work here and allow others to further develop this

software in the next development phase, called Lendfusion 2.0," .

In his announcement of his resignation, Käsper explained that Lendfusion is part of a new

way for loan management to involve lenders internationally and provide best customer

service for the software users. "We now have more than 20 clients around the globe," he

said. Lendfusion has been known as bespoke platform provider for previous period and will

continue as off-the-shelf platform and bespoke software vendor.

Lendfusion began work in 2010 with the idea presented by Norris Koppel. LendFusion® is a

hosted software platform that helps lenders manage the smooth running and expansion of

their business.

Our software offers loan companies a scalable platform that is developed by combining our

vast experience, innovative technology, and creative approach to lending.

We believe LendFusion® is the easiest to use and the most efficient software platform

currently available in the world and we intend to keep it that way. Our ever-growing client list

includes some of the most innovative short-term loan businesses trading in the global loan