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  • Custom built Website

  • Registration &
    customer login area

  • Loan management

Registration & Customer Login Areas

Below is the overview of registration and login area of LendFusion®.

Viewable by customers

Registration page

On this page an anonymous visitor can become a registered customer by filling all the required data fields and submitting them to LendFusion®. Although the registration page is hosted by LendFusion®, to a customer it will look seamlessly integrated with the Client’s website.

Viewable Only By A Logged In Customer


Contains information about customer’s outstanding loans and any other important information.

My data

Customer can change his/her certain details at any time. New details will create a new version and not overwrite old details.

Loan functions

Customer can preform the following actions:

  • Apply for a new loan
    • Payday loan or
    • Installment loan
  • Extend an existing loan
  • Request a re-payment plan
  • Pay off an outstanding loan

My loans

Customer can see all loans ever issued to him/her, loan details and credit agreements. Active loans can be repaid and rolled over. Customer can also view all signed credit agreements and download them in PDF format.

My files

Customers can upload, download and view files such as loan contracts and bank statements submitted to the lender.

Loan Management System

Or as some might say, the gist of it.

Dashboard Module

Contains general summaries and information. This section will look different
based on user’s access rights.

By default, LendFusion dashboard contains the following data blocks:

  • Recent applicants
  • Unread e-mails
  • Recent loan applications
  • Client statistics
  • Urgent tasks
  • Loan statistics


Customers Module

Customers module gives you an overview of all the customers that are in the LendFusion system. All the customers are divided into 4 categories: Applicants, Approved customers, Declined customers and Blacklisted customers.

By default LendFusion can store the following information that is divided into several parts under the customers detail view that is fully manageable by the system administrator:


Summarized view of the customers information that contains personal information, active card information, active bank account information and employment information.

Financial Information

Information about the customers income and employment, assets and obligations.

Personal & Contact Information

Viewing and management of customer’s personal & contact details. Holds different contact details that have been collected about the customer including previous addresses, phone numbers etc. Possibility to add/change data.

Banking Information

Details about the customers bank accounts and debit cards. It is also possible to have more than one bank account or debit card, only the ones marked as primary will be used in the automated loan processing.

E-mail Log

Overview of the entire e-mail conversation with the customer, including automated e-mails.


Overview of the entire sms conversation with the customer, including automated sms text messages.

User Log

Overview of all user activity performed in the customer login area.

Actions Log

Overview of all automatic and manual actions performed with the customer in the system or by the system.


Overview of all the changes done to the customers data, the log will also show the previous data and the new data.


A list that contains all the notes associated with the customer. Notes can be manually added to store data about phone calls or meetings and notes will also be automatically generated depending on automated actions performed with the customer.


A list that contains all tasks associated to the customer. Possibility to create new tasks or respond to active tasks.


A list of all files such as loan agreements and bank statements associated to the customer.

Loans Module

Loans module gives an overview of all the loans and loan applications in the system and enables to perform loan related tasks.

All loans are grouped by different phases, so it makes it easy to browse through different loans that are in different stages in the loan lifecycle. It is also easy to search for any loan in the system using our powerfull search engine.

All of the loans that are stored in the system hold a certain amount of data and information that has been collected from the loan application. By default LendFusion enables to view and perform the following actions with a loan:

  • Overview
  • Actions log
  • Balance & transactions
  • Notes
  • Repayment Plans
  • Chargebacks
  • Withdrawals
  • Extensions


Emails & Text Messages Modules

E-mail and SMS text message modules allow you to send and receive e-mails and text messages. All e-mails and messages are stored in their respective sections for a better overview and divided into outgoing and incoming groups. Possibility to send out new e-mails and text messages within the system.

Tasks Module

Tasks are an essential part of the system and they help the customer service team to perform several actions and focus on customers or loans that need attention.

Tasks can be also automatically created with loan based events.

Tasks can be assigned to all of the system users and can be associated with e-mails, loans, customers and loan product events.

Notes Module

Notes module contains a list of all the notes created in the system. Notes can be manually added to store data about phone calls or meetings and notes will also be automatically generated depending on automated actions performed with the customer or a loan.

Notes can also be categorized by type, type being the action performed: phone call, meeting, e-mail etc.

Leadgen Module

Leadgen module enables system administrators to use our simple and fast one page lead settings view to integrate lead providers to the system.

The module will enable administrators to choose the provider that is active in any given moment, what time should it be active and what is the maximum amount of leads to be bought on a given period.

Leadgen module also displays a list of all leads that have gone through the application form with their status and if possible the price of the lead.

Settings Module

Settings module is the heart and soul of the whole system. It will let you set up your loan products, create notification templates, manage users and user privileges and change system translations/wording.

Settings module is divided into several sections:

Users & Permissions

Enables to manage the system users. Each user can be allocated to a personal list of access rights defining what the user can do in the system.

Notification Templates

Automatic system notifications that are being sent out to the customers on registration, payments or password recovery.

Loan Products

Loan product module enables you to create different loan products, change loan amounts, periods, loan fees and charges. All this is possible with our one page loan product setup. It also allows you to set up your loan lifecycle with our system phases and events and also lets you manage your loan agreements right inside the system.

SMS & E-mail Templates

Possibility to create loan event based and customer based templates. All templates can be complemented with several tokens to personalize the templates and send customer or loan based information with loan balances, due dates, payment confirmations etc.


Possibility to change wording in the backoffice, for example buttons, page titles, error messages and more.

Statistics module

LendFusion enables to compile various statistical reports and statements based on the information stored in the system. The results can be represented as tabular form that varies case by case. All the reports can be easily exported from the system as well as filtered by date or a date range.

LendFusion reporting consists of the following reports:

  • Customer counts
  • Loan performance
  • Customer comparisons
  • Loan repayment performance
  • Loan counts
  • Cash flow
  • Loan statuses
  • Debts
  • Payment behaviors
  • Loan book snapshot
  • Gross profit & loss


Website integration

Integration of the customers website
and mobile site to the Lendfusion CMS.

In order to integrate the customers
website design, we will require the
design in a .psd format.

Default structure and modules

By default we have the following modules:

Content editor

WYSIWYG editor for
editing content pages

Feedback form

For contacting you

Loan selection slider

Both Vertical and

FAQ module

For questions and

3rd Party Connectivity & Integrations

LendFusion® is pre-integrated with a number of 3rd party systems in order to enhance the workflow, for example to request customer data, make and collect payments, and communicate with the customers. 3rd party systems are divided into categories based on their functionality:

  • Credit Scoring
  • Address Verification
  • Payments & Collection
  • Email Communication
  • Text Message Communication
  • Site Visitors Tracking