We make it work for you

Our tools are developed with your needs in mind – for your simpler workflow.

Loan management software

  • Take debit card payments at any time of the day or night with the scheduled collection transactions. With our dynamic collections intelligence based on successful or failed transactions, the process is easy to keep track of
  • Set up and manage payment plans easily
  • Attach faxes and scanned documents to the customer profile in our paperless office for a better overview
  • Add speed to your company’s workflow with our instant result-based loan search engine. The search engine select box system makes it easy for your customer service team to carry out different bulk actions with only a few clicks.
  • Stay on top of things with our built-in graphical reporting tools including data export and customisable timeframe views.

Deep customization to meet your business needs

  • Define your own loan products and credit agreements
  • Take advantage of our multi-level user access, security and functionality
  • Set up instalment loans and payday loans quickly and easily with the interest rates and fees that suit your business
  • Enhance security with IP-specific access for each user
  • Take control of the website’s main structure, static structure, start page and banners with our powerful content management system
  • Edit copy for client-facing website, default automated emails & text message templates
  • Define dates and times when any automated communication should occur

Integrated website & mobile

  • Get an up-to-date customised website and mobile website with the latest design trends in the market
  • Save time and money by letting your customers execute their rollover, re-loan and repay procedures in the self-serve customer login area
  • Let the automated customer validation process in collaboration with 3rd party service providers do the dirty work for you

Integrated 3rd party services

  • Let the Internet Merchant Account gateways handle debit card transactions
  • Credit reference providers, including short-term loan specific performance data help you carry out a quick customer eligibility check
  • Track your online marketing efforts with our special tools
  • Purchase & sell leads – efficient ping tree system in partnership with the market leaders
  • Manage leadgens and view the history of all leadgen actions with our easy-to-use lead generation module
  • Connect the services to email & text message systems
  • To view a full list of our Partners - Click here

Built-in customer service tools

  • Lighten the workload of your customer service team – one working window with fully integrated emails and text messages
  • Have a clean and simple overview of customer details, history, credit agreements and related documents in the customer module. It also offers the possibility to quickly send out emails, text messages and letters, using customisable pre-added templates
  • Keep an eye on the most urgent tasks with the task-driven workflow with a notification system in the hideable sidebar. The instant-result search engine speeds up the workflow for the customer service team
  • Prevent re-lending to defaulters, customers obtaining multiple loans and fraud warnings with our built-in fraud prevention tools and case matching algorithms. LendFusion® is using the best integrated systems in partnership with LendProtect and many others
  • Communicate with your customers via email and text messages, using the automated triggering and notification system.
  • Take advantage of automated third party services, such as card authorisation, address verification and credit scoring
  • Know everything you need to know – have a full overview of the customer’s status, details and source, and give the customer service team a complete history of all customer-related actions

Data security & migration

  • Use the email and text message functionality for electronic signature verification
  • Keep a full audit trail of all team activities, memos, data edits and task completions, as well as complete customer communication logs
  • We can assure you the migration from your existing loan management platform is quick and painless

Reliable technical support & server

  • Regular maintenance and server updates
  • Mandatory PCI-DSS compliance
  • Best quality server hosting with secure data storage and constant backups